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Let’s Draw

2,499.00 1,999.00
  • You Need Activation Key In Order To Use Our Application!
Every Magician has Dream to read his spectator's mind. Now We Bring a powerful effect for you that happen in your spectator's mobile. Imagine your spectator opens a drawing website in his mobile & draw an anything he want secretly & you are able to read his mind and draw that same drawing in your mobile. Exciting Huhh?? Try Our Mental Slate To Achieve The State Of Art Mentalism. :)
  • Works In Spectator's Mobile
  • It Can Be Performed Through Video/Call
  • Predict Esp Symbols- name - numbers etc.
  • No need to toch your spectator's phone
  • It's the best telepathy app ever made

The Lockout

Lockout : the master key to UNLOCK * This lockout can reveal your spectaror's phone number, ATM pin, crush's name and many more!!! * This is the first ever lockout app which doesn't use any fake lock screen. * This app is fully remote operated, no need to touch the phone. * First time in magic history unlock 7 different types of locks - face lock, fingerprint lock, pattern(2 types), pin(2 types) and password. * This app comes with full watch compatibility. * This app is fully customizable. ***BONUS:- * You get 5 BONUS effects with this app - starbucks, waiting for you, mental dice, dream clock and imaginary pet. *Starbucks- Reveal the crush name of your spectator on a Starbucks coffee cup. *Waiting for you- Reveal the name of your spectator's most anticipated visitor on a airport pickup sign board. *Mental dice- Reveal the numbers of the imaginary dice rolled by your spectator. *Dream clock- Reveal the dream time chosen by your spectator. *Imaginary pet- Reveal the name of your spectator's imaginary pet.
  • Smart Watch Compatibility
  • Real Lock For Authentication
  • Fake Lock For Performance
  • 100% Secured and Authenticated
  • Fully Remotely Controlled
  • Much More Bonus Effects


4,999.00 3,499.00
This is Mind Tube the super magic tool for morden days magicians. U perform tons of effect * u can able to read your spectator mind. * u can predict 100% right prediction * perform with spectator mobile * u perform without your phone * u can able to play your mobile shoot videos in ur spectator mobile * u can force any song which is available in internet. * u can costomise everything. * u able to play same video or songs in 1000 of mobile at same time ( more number of mobile is possible ) 🔆 This tool give u a extraordinary power u can control the whole world of music. 🌐 This is THE MIND TUBE 🌐

Gamblers Dice

99.00 79.00
You positioned a dice in a field and shake it. You could are expecting the quantity on the pinnacle of the cube before even opening the box! (calls for some magical powers) ;) another ought to-have, pocket, avenue magic trick! Capabilities: mystery commands Enclosed.

Time Machine

200.00 150.00
The spectator units the time in this Magical Time Clock. He covers the dial with the sliding cowl. No one can see the time. But you, the magician, along with your mystical powers, can see thru the cover and expect the time.

X-Ray Vision

50.00 40.00
You display two small plastic canisters, each with a red cap, and a single die. You switch in the direction of a spectator and ask, What if I should read your thoughts You location the die on your spectator's hand and near her palms round it. You keep, pick any number at the die and area it into the canister along with your wide variety facing up. Something you do, don't allow me see it. Preserving your eyes closed, you switch your head to the side while your spectator locations the die inside the canister. With out looking, you at once vicinity a cap at the canister. You vicinity the small canister in the massive canister to make certain the die is completely hid. You look deep into your spectator's eyes and ask her to focus on her quantity You smile. You've got it. With out hesitation, you inform the spectator the variety she has selected. Perfect overall performance situations This impact is perfect for every near-up situation. It's too small for powerful degree use. We perform it almost anywhere we pass. All and sundry loves it. Why we adore it You may repeat it right away (as normally as you want) without spectators catching directly to the diabolical mystery. It is small enough to hold everywhere. It is very easy to perform thoroughly. Study speedy in 5Minuites What You Get The capacity to perform this mind-blowing little piece of close-up mentalism. The whole lot that you want to begin performing. Instructions

Mark Deck (INDIAN) Blue

200.00 180.00
Blow your spectator's away with this marked deck. That is the marked deck you've got been anticipating! Those masterfully created playing cards will blow your spectator away with subtle magic at its first-rate. - pick out any card with out seeing its face. - study the identifiers of the cards directly without having to mark the cardboard your self. - yes, No codes, No image to interpret, No marking device to study - on the spot location and direct studying of the marks. - Plus 1 Bonus Double lower back purple & Blue Card brought for Multipurpose impact. It's miles perfect for restaurants, at paintings, on the street, at birthday events, in tradeshows or without a doubt with buddies This deck is a paranormal ought to for every aspiring and expert magician. To be had in pink again most effective with unique Double again (crimson+Blue) card. This Deck is bridge length and feature equal finishing as In photo.