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Third Hand

749.00 599.00
Great Magic or Comedy conventional Make it seem you are keeping an item with arms whilst in fact you're keeping the object with best one! ONE Hand is usually unfastened, wave your hand or produce objects! You maintain the cloth in front of your face for a 2d. While you lower it, you are sporting a wig & funny glasses. Boost it and lower it once more and the conceal is long past! Boost and decrease it and you're carrying a specific colored wig! Carry out the well-known Séance material ! The 0.33 Hand absolutely looks actual! You cannot inform it out of your actual hand, even up close. It is made so your hand truly suits in the fake. Truely a top nice prop with lots of makes use of!

Multiplying Bottle Color

2,200.00 2,000.00
Impact: The magician suggests an empty tube and a shining black bottle to the audience. Then he puts the bottle in the tube and takes out a bottle with a "one-of-a-kind colour." Subsequent he proceeds to produce even more bottles (all unique shades) or even a pitcher! The outcomes maintains to amaze and astonish as bottle after bottle is produced in distinctive hues till a complete of TEN bottles have been produced! You could additionally carry out the traditional multiplying bottle impact with this set. The bottles are made in notably powder lined and vibrant shade fabric. Comes entire with 10 Bottles and 2 aluminum tubes. Comes complete geared up with coaching sheet.

Top Hat (Folding)

749.00 549.00
That is an version of our folding pinnacle Hat, however the most effective element approximately this is the charge. In all different respects it's far higher than our preceding fashions, with thermoformed plastic brim and pinnacle, a smooth lined brim, (one length suits all), and a lifetime stainless-steel spring mechanism. A top Hat is a need to for every magician, and now each you'll be able to afford one. Folds flat, and is derived out with a snap. And a pinnacle Hat isn't just a part of the performer's formal apparel - it may be part of your act. Use it as a clever container in your silks and balls, or a secret "well" to dispose your gizmos and gimmicks, or to produce a rabbit, or a Hat Coil, or a mountain of silks and streamers. We give you with every top Hat techniques for producing a Rabbit, or different items. That is a application object for every performer, and a good buy on the rate. Get yours now.

Floating Table Super Deluxe

9,000.00 6,999.00
  Floating desk is magician’s favorite hints around the sector, from the ultimate 20 years it's miles available in unique exceptional and outcomes. This extremely good Deluxe model is extremely lightweight, superbly crafted and decorative. The table seems to be definitely ordinary. Looks like some thing you would possibly discover inside the access corridor of a stately manor. Cowl the desk with a stunning foulard. Then, collectively with a spectator or via yourself you may make this desk float. It seems amazing. You may do it absolutely surrounded! The special gimmick makes it clean to do. It looks like the table is actually floating! The desk is flawlessly balanced and is a dream to apply. This version comes with additional Gimmicks for Floating Anti-gravity Candle/ Table fabric (double layered): provide your desk with a stunning outlook, also hiding the gimmick interior. Anti-gravity Candle: permits you to permit go of the desk with out contact the table fabric. Plus the wearing Flight case allows you to hold it competently in transportation. Weight about to 425g (desk best) Fantastically completed with special wooden. Comes whole with case, fabric, and simple effect coaching Video hyperlink Comes aside for shipping, May be completed surrounded and below any conditions May be executed underneath any lighting conditions. Note: The desk is extraordinarily lightweight and devoted, cope with it carefully even as setup and overall performance, we are not responsible for any in addition damage caused by you in setups or performance.

Floating Table

2,399.00 1,899.00
You can fly this table in the air at any place This table does not require any type of wire or lead to fly And remote control is also not required You can get to the viewer's table from the stage And then you can show the table of viewers that the table is not switched into the air even if it is not something else