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Let’s Draw

2,499.00 1,999.00
  • You Need Activation Key In Order To Use Our Application!
Every Magician has Dream to read his spectator's mind. Now We Bring a powerful effect for you that happen in your spectator's mobile. Imagine your spectator opens a drawing website in his mobile & draw an anything he want secretly & you are able to read his mind and draw that same drawing in your mobile. Exciting Huhh?? Try Our Mental Slate To Achieve The State Of Art Mentalism. :)
  • Works In Spectator's Mobile
  • It Can Be Performed Through Video/Call
  • Predict Esp Symbols- name - numbers etc.
  • No need to toch your spectator's phone
  • It's the best telepathy app ever made

The Lockout

Lockout : the master key to UNLOCK * This lockout can reveal your spectaror's phone number, ATM pin, crush's name and many more!!! * This is the first ever lockout app which doesn't use any fake lock screen. * This app is fully remote operated, no need to touch the phone. * First time in magic history unlock 7 different types of locks - face lock, fingerprint lock, pattern(2 types), pin(2 types) and password. * This app comes with full watch compatibility. * This app is fully customizable. ***BONUS:- * You get 5 BONUS effects with this app - starbucks, waiting for you, mental dice, dream clock and imaginary pet. *Starbucks- Reveal the crush name of your spectator on a Starbucks coffee cup. *Waiting for you- Reveal the name of your spectator's most anticipated visitor on a airport pickup sign board. *Mental dice- Reveal the numbers of the imaginary dice rolled by your spectator. *Dream clock- Reveal the dream time chosen by your spectator. *Imaginary pet- Reveal the name of your spectator's imaginary pet.
  • Smart Watch Compatibility
  • Real Lock For Authentication
  • Fake Lock For Performance
  • 100% Secured and Authenticated
  • Fully Remotely Controlled
  • Much More Bonus Effects


4,999.00 3,499.00
This is Mind Tube the super magic tool for morden days magicians. U perform tons of effect * u can able to read your spectator mind. * u can predict 100% right prediction * perform with spectator mobile * u perform without your phone * u can able to play your mobile shoot videos in ur spectator mobile * u can force any song which is available in internet. * u can costomise everything. * u able to play same video or songs in 1000 of mobile at same time ( more number of mobile is possible ) 🔆 This tool give u a extraordinary power u can control the whole world of music. 🌐 This is THE MIND TUBE 🌐