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199.00 179.00
Lord Ganesha performs an incredible miracle for you! A obvious Dome showcases a lovely golden Ganesha idol seated in divine glory. Ask the Lord for a Blessing. Close your eyes and as you say out loud "Ganpati Baapa Moriya" SHAKE THE DOME. Open your eyes! A Gold coin has Magically regarded with the phrases " stay BLESSED constantly"! DIVINE MAGIC GANESHA is a perfect present this Ganesh and Diwali festival. Very smooth to perform. Simple commands protected. BONUS!! YOU are also furnished WITH 4 extra DISCS & GOLDEN STICKERS ON WHICH you can WRITE YOUR very own personal textual content. Wonder YOUR pals, circle of relatives AND clients WITH customized MESSAGES. Packed in an attractive field. GET IT NOW!!

Astro Coin

149.00 129.00
A coin magically seems inside an empty rounded dome! An remarkable impromptu trick that must be a part of your desk always. The round base may be used as a tumbler coaster to carry out some astounding coin hints! A first rate magical device for the desk-top. Secret commands Enclosed.

Mystery Drawer

99.00 79.00
Were given money, sweets, secret notes or some other object you wanna cover far from the relaxation? The thriller Drawer is the right vicinity for them! Vicinity some thing in it and shut it. Open it for others to show that it's far empty. While you shut it and open it again, the contents re-appear! A perfect present-object (to present your self as well). Functions: secret instructions Enclosed.

Coin Bag

59.00 49.00
Performer presentations a small bag (purse) with a net front. Anything placed in the bag is seen through the internet. He places a coin in the bag that is honestly visible via the net. He takes out the coin and throws it inside the air, where it vanishes. The coin later reappears in the bag. This is just one of the many tricks that may be executed with this bag. Our instructions describe numerous different results, like coins via table, cash from Air, and so forth. Comes whole with unique Bag (4.5" x 4") and instructions to be used

Nested Coin Box (Plastic)

100.00 80.00
A true marvel of magic! In impact spectator's signed coin is positioned underneath a handkerchief after which held with the aid of the spectator. You're taking around the plastic container out of your pocket and region it inside the spectator's other hand. Now, with the handkerchief masking the signed coin in a single hand, and the plastic container, however, the spectator is ready to be surprised! Take the handkerchief from the spectator- the coin has vanished! The spectator is then asked to open the plastic box in his hand. Of route, the spectator expects to discover his signed coin, however instead, there may be a 2nd plastic box in the first one. Whilst the second container is opened, there may be a 3rd box! While the third container is opened, there's a fourth box! While the fourth field is opened- there's the signed coin! Simply not possible! That is the economy version of “Nested container Brass” in plastic, the excellent and finishing isn't so properly however it serves the cause. Comes with preparation, gimmick, and set of four nested boxes. Observe: coloration of bins may be special from pics, as in step with available inventory.

Coin And Cap

There is small plastic cap. if we put one coin in this cap it will become tow.

Zerox Coin

Show The Audience two plastic coins. After magic one of the coin will disappeared.


249.00 110.00
The box contain 15(fifteen) type of magic products. With the help of this products you can show 151 (one fifty one) type of magic tricks. The details about magic products and magic tricks prescribe in a book contain in the box. Any person having more than 3year of age can use this products. The product manufactured by jadu mantar magic shop.